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Crushed Pearl Powder Foundation

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Elina Organics Crushed Pearl Powder Foundation contains three main ingredients. Lightweight Crushed Pearl Powder is the base, Natural Iron Oxides are used for color, and 25% Zinc Oxides are added for sun protection. This makeup is not only beautiful but also stimulates the regeneration of collagen and is so healthy for your skin that we like to call it a "Walking Facial." Crushed Pearl Powder is known as the "Anti-Aging Miracle," or your "Second Layer of Skin." It is rich in amino acids with more than 30 trace minerals to support health, while enhancing elasticity and luminosity. Pearl Powder has antimicrobial properties that are known to remove blotches, acne, scarring, dry patches, and rosacea. You are going to love how soft, smooth, and hydrated this makeup makes your skin feel!

Crushed Pearl Powder Foundation can be used as a loose powder for light to medium coverage, or it can be mixed with water, toners, Skin Renewing Oil Blend, or any of your favorite Elina Organics product to create a full coverage liquid foundation and concealer. We also suggest layering Crushed Pearl Powder Foundation over Elina Organics Sun-Shelter Tinted Moisturizer for a full coverage polished finish with even more sun protection. 


Ingredients: All Phyto Ingredients Certified Organic: Crushed Sea Water Pearls, Zinc Oxide, Food Grade Iron Oxides. Blend, Spirulina, Curcuma Longa (Tumeric) Root.

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5 Reviews

regina Weber Aug 3rd 2020

Great powder

I love this powder and will only use this as a finish to my makeup. I like the sunscreen content and really like the cover, while still offering a clear skin appearance.

Samantha Oct 17th 2019

Good ‘Clean’ Foundation

I purchased this foundation because I feel that clean beauty is a necessity, and I needed a clean foundation. I love that the ingredient list is short and simple, and that the product is actually good for your skin.

The coverage is medium, as I still need to go in with a concealer to correct any blemishes. It also looks good over the Sun Shelter Tinted Moisturizer.

I do have oily skin, so I wish it had a longer wear time before I start to look shiny. Or I wish that Elina offered a setting or touch up powder of some sort.

I am also very fair skinned and when I need a foundation match I usually go for the lightest porcelain colors. The light shade works if I blend it really well, but I would love if there were a few more shades because I still end up looking a bit too tan compared to what I really am.

Overall, I have purchased twice and will probably continue to repurchase because of the ingredient quality.

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