Bath and Body

Elina Organics Bath and Body Line is enriched with botanical antioxidants that will leave your skin feeling refreshed, enriched, hydrated, and exfoliated. These guilt-free and balancing products are sure to leave your skin feeling soft, youthful, and glowing. Packed with the purest natural ingredients on the planet, even the most sensitive skin types can use these products.  Never any artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals, or toxic preservatives.

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  • Complete Shave Set

    Elina Organics Skincare


    The Elina Organics Complete Shave Set has everything you need for an amazing shave from start to fin…

  • Fresh Body Scrub

    Elina Organics Skincare


    Elina Organics Body Scrub gently exfoliates dry and dead skin cells on the body while smoothing, ton…

  • Hair Restoring Treatment

    Elina Organics Skincare


    Elina Organics Hair Restoring Treatment is a deeply nourishing treatment mask that will increase cir…

  • Herbal Body Wash

    Elina Organics Skincare


    Cleanse & Nourish Your Skin Naturally with Organic Botanicals This mild, gentle body wash works…

  • Makeup Removing Oil

    Elina Organics Skincare


    Size: 2oz Gently remove your makeup with this organic and nourishing makeup removing oil blend. It …

  • Nourishing Hand Sanitizer

    Elina Organics Skincare


    Elina Organics Nourishing Hand Sanitizer is made with 80% organic food-grade grain Ethyl Alcohol whi…

  • Restoring Hand Cream

    Elina Organics Skincare


    CBD Restoring Hand Cream   This rich and nourishing deep delivery formula helps to brighten t…

  • Rose Water Mist

    Elina Organics Skincare


    A Cool, Soothing Rose Mist to Make Your Skin Feel Renewed & Energized At Elina Organics, we wou…

  • Sanitizing Set

    Purchase Nourishing Hand Sanitizer and Personal Protection Mist as a set for 15% OFF!   Perso…

12 of 17 Items


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